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Investment Date: 03/2009

Status: Active

Atlanta, Georgia

Sparus, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Southern Cross Corporation, The Spear Group and EZTech, is a leading provider of natural gas leak detection services and corrosion inspection to operators of utility pipelines and project management outsourcing services. Southern Cross was founded in 1946 and The Spear Group was founded in 1981. Sparus’ subsidiaries are widely recognized as leaders within their respective industry segments.

Add-on Completed

  • JW’s Pipeline Integrity Services, LLC (Dallas, TX)

Currently Seeking Add-on Candidates

  • Providers of outsourced utility services to natural gas, electrical, water and nuclear utilities in North America
  • Pipeline integrity management, compliance, survey, maintenance, diagnostics and repair services for natural gas utility pipelines and distribution networks
  • Natural gas leak detection and pipeline corrosion inspection services located in North America

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